Five picnic tips from the pro's

Here are our five favourite picnic tips!

One: Design your menu with food you can eat solely with one hand. Think sandwiches, sushi, grazing boards, quiche. Food that you need plates and cutlery for often become messy and tricky to eat standing up or sitting on the ground.

Two: Pack your basket in reverse order to what you need... think about what you need first when you arrive to your picnic, pack these last, so they sit on top, and pack what you need last on the bottom of your basket.

Three: Bring two coolers - one for food and one for drinks. Frequent opening of a cooler allows the cool air to escape - by keeping them in seperate coolers, your food and drink will stay cooler for longer.

Four: Remember to bring a few plastic bags - one for dirty dishes to take home and one for garbage to dispose.

Five: Think about what you will do on your picnic - a board game, lawn game or get creative and plan a scavenger hunt.

And a sneaky sixth! Never take a BBQ or open flame to a park... It's a recipe for disaster (also prohibited in most, if not all, Melbourne parks)