How to Plan a Posh Party

Be the hostess with the mostess with this Posh Party Planning guide.

Plan early, get organised and prepare as much you can, as soon as you can, to avoid the last-minute freak-out. To help you plan, budget and stay on track, download our Posh Party Planner and follow the guide the below, adding tasks to the you planner as you read through the guide.


Prep the invite list.

List out everyone who you would like to invite and the likelihood that they will attend, so you can get an idea of numbers for the event.

Prep your purse.

Decide how much you want to spend. Confession from a shopaholic: costs can really add up when you impulse buy. The best way to avoid over-spending is to set a budget for your event in total, then allocate budget for each task and stick to it.

Pick the perfect venue.

Hosting a party at home or park is budget savvy, but if you want to go a little more luxe hire a venue. Research, shortlist, enquire and visit venues to decide on your favourite place.

Pick a date.

Choose a date that you know doesn't fall on a significant social dates (Easter, Spring Carnival, Grand Final Day etc.) or long weekends, and one that you know your nearest and dearest can attend.

Pick a theme.

Choose a theme or colour palette for your event. It doesn't have to be OTT but it will make prepping much easier and add a professional touch to the event.

Post invites.

Please, please, please mail your invites. Everyone loves receiving a letter in the post. Create your invites using your theme or colour palette, personalise each one with the guests name and pop them in the post. If posting isn't for you, Paperless Post is a nice alternative.


Plan the menu.

Work with the venue to plan the menu, place catering orders or if you are DIY-ing, only choose recipes that can be prepared in advance, with little assembling required on party day. Add your food prep to your planner and compile a shopping list.

Prep the party decor.

This is the fun part! Research and purchase decorations that match your theme or colour palette, and make sure all of the decorations compliment each other to avoid your space looking like pandora's box.

Place supplier orders.

Research, decide and place orders for flowers, decorations, installations, party favours, even grocery items with your local butcher, green grocer or deli.

Prep the playlist.

Compile a list of fun, uplifting songs that make you want to dance! Select enough songs so the run time of the playlist exceeds the time of the party.

Purchase an outfit.

Don't forget to find a gorgeous outfit and book beauty appointments for yourself, so you feel amazing for the event you worked so hard for!

Pester for RSVP's.

Check your RSVP list, follow up on those who are yet to respond and finalise the number of guests so you can prepare accordingly.


Purchase the party food.

If you are self-catering, do the majority of the grocery shopping and bottle shop haul three days prior. For the products you need fresh, you can pick them up in the morning of the event.

Prep the space.

If you are hosting the party at home, clean, decorate and style the event space the day before the event to avoid a stressful morning the day of the party. If you are using a venue and decorating yourself, ask when you can have access to set up - and set up as early as possible.

Prep the partywares,

Gather and prepare serve-ware, crockery, cutlery and glassware for the party.


Pack the car.

If your party is at a park or venue, pack the car the day before the party and write a list of anything you need to remember to pack on the day.

Prep the food.

If you are self-catering prep the food the day before so there is little to do on the day. If you are using a caterer, confirm your order with the supplier.


Pop to the shops.

In the morning of the event, pop out and gather the items you need fresh - like flowers, bread, ice etc.

Pre-Party Prep.

Add the finishing touches to your event space. Finish any last-minute cooking and place out food that won't spoil. Now it's time for you to shower, glam and frock up.

Pop the champagne!

Everything should be organised and ready to go. Pop the champagne, welcome your guests and be the hostess with the mostest.