How To Plan The Perfect Hens Party in 10 Steps

Your bestie has asked you to stand by her side on her special day and your mind has raced ahead to throwing her the perfect send off! Of course, the hens party is the most fun part of being a bridesmaid and an amazing way to show your best girl just how much you care.

But planning a hens party can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never planned one before. There are activities, décor and catering to plan; you need keep all of the girls invited happy and not blow the budget. But most importantly, you want to give the bride-to-be the ultimate girly get-together before she makes her way down the aisle.

Keep the overwhelm at bay by following these ten steps to planning the perfect hens party.

  1. Talk to the bride

The bride-to-be may be a super relaxed anything goes kinda bride or she could have a few ideas up her sleeve. Never assume you know what she wants. The best place to start is by checking in with her regarding any hens party preferences she may have. Pick up the phone, flick her through a series of questions via email, or take her out for a glass of wine to run through the details.

Most importantly, you need to know who she would like to invite. Who is invited will dictate the kind of event you plan. She may want to include mums, grandmothers and even younger family members. Or she may just want to celebrate with the girl gang. Perhaps she would like two celebrations: a kitchen tea or bridal shower as well as a hens party.

Ask her when she would like her hens party. Does she want a daytime, night time or overnight event? Would she like to stay local or would she prefer a destination hens?

Check whether there are any activities she would love to do and equally, whether there is anything on her ‘don’t-go-there’ list!

And then there is the money talk. Ugh. The bride may be able to give you a guide of how much she would expect her guests to contribute financially. Be sure to have this before you start planning that amazing destination hens to a tropical beachside villa with your matching bathers and your own private bartender!