How to prepare a grazing table

How amazing are grazing tables?! The abundance of tasty morsels. The array of colours. The ability to have a taste of everything. Heaven.

Here is our guide on how to prepare an exquisite table, that caters to all, without the fuss!

Mise en place

Mise en place is a fancy French term (pronounced mees ahn plus) which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place". Here at Posh, our life is "mise en place", every day that we aren't out creating picnics and parties, we are mise en plac-ing. So of course our number one tip for you is to prepare as much as you can before the party. Grazing tables are notorious for being stressful on game-day as they typically can't be prepared earlier. That's where we come in - group your produce into categories and plate the ingredients the day before. Create a cheese platter, a charcuterie board, use ramekins for dips and antipasto ingredients, and prepare bowls ready for fresh bread and biscuits tomorrow. Then cling wrap and refrigerate. That way all you need to do on the day of the party is pop the platters out, add fresh ingredients and get ready!


Instead of plonking all the platters down flat on the table, create height to make it more visually appealing. Use vases, upside down bowls or baskets to create different levels for platters to sit on. If you want to glam up your table even further, add a vase of flowers and even some foliage between the platters. Pro Tip: place hazardous platters, like cheese platters or hot food, directly on the table to avoid any disasters when cutting or serving.

What to include?

When hunting and gathering produce to include on your grazing table, it's important to remember that your guests may have varied palates, so you will need to cater to everyone, not just what you like and dislike. Grazing table stapes are cheese, charcuteries, dips, crackers, bread, fruit and vegetables. Use our rule of four when selecting produce; a staple, a crowd favourite, something unique and something a little crazy. For example, when selecting cheese, your staple would be cheddar, a crowd favourite would be camembert, something unique would be a local dairies ashed chevre and a crazy would be a blue. When selecting the unique option - you want it to be interesting enough so that it's a topic of conversation. This shows your guests that your grazing table has been well considered and planned.

Happy grazing!