Our favourite picnic locations

One the perks of working with a picnic planner is that you get access to the best locations Melbourne has to offer. But since you're here, I'll let you in on a little secret... well, a few little secrets: our top five favourite picnic locations in Melbourne. Here we go...

Number One: Fitzroy Gardens

If you are one of our wonderful Instagram followers, you will know how obsessed we are with this location. We just love it!

Firstly because she's a babe - just look at her with her lush green grass, towering trees and picturesque picnic views. But secondly, she's centrally located for all guests to get to and being walking distance to city means you can frolic off to a nearby bar after your picnic.

Number Two: Kings Domain

Now before you turn your nose up... hear me out! I used to think Sidney Myer Music Bowl when I thought of Kings Domain. Oh, how I was wrong.

There are so many gorgeous picnic spots in Kings Domain, some even more beautiful than her majesty: Royal Botanic Gardens. Yes I know that's a big call! But I really do think so! You have the Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden, The Grotto and there are even spaces near Government House gate which are lovely! And because everyone flocks to RBT, I have found Kings Domain to be more secluded.

Number Three: Canterbury Gardens

There's something a little enchanting about Canterbury Gardens. Lush lawns, weeping trees and antique lamp posts set a serene tone to this little pocket of picnic paradise. I always feel so relaxed when I'm creating events here and the locals are just gorgeous - always stopping for a chat. If I was to have a picnic, this is where is would be!

Number Four: Australian Native Garden

This one took me by surprise and is now becoming a customer favourite. It's a little pocket just off Royal Park and oh so pretty!

There is a pond in the centre and the park is enclosed with garden beds, so there's no traffic to be seen. With lots of beautiful shady trees and, as the name describes, natives sprinkled throughout, you will be proud to call Australia home as you indulge in these surroundings.

Number Five: CherryHill Orchards

When I think back, my love of outdoor dining started on a family holiday in the south of France, where we rented a house with an apple orchard in the garden. Each day we would carry tables and chairs into the orchard and enjoy a beautiful summer lunch together. It seemed so simple at the time, but those memories hold a special place in my heart.

I think that's why our recent partnership with CherryHill Orchards means so much to me, it really tugs at the roots of why I started Posh - to create a unique experience for people to enjoy with their loved ones. And of course, the opportunity to recreate a dining experience that takes me back to France - if I can give people a little taste of Europe in times when we can't travel, how special is that!

Cherry Blossom Picnics run from September 18 - October 3.