The 1,2,3 of Planning a High Tea

Our advice for you darling, High tea's are high maintenance! So outsource (of course). But if you are doing boujee on a budget, there is a lot of food to buy and prepare, and a lot of serveware to source and set up, so get prepared early.

One: the prep

For your high tea, you will need mountain of tea-wares: tea cups and saucers, teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls, plates, forks, knives, teaspoons, wine glasses, three tiered stand and serving bowls (for jam and cream). Oh! and table linen and flowers to style. We use a matching set from Maxwell and Williams, but some opt for the shabby chic look of mixing and matching treasures found from rummaging through antique stores.

Two: the yummy part

Fill your tiered cake stands with treats

  • Scones, jam and cream are my favourite part

  • Finger sandwiches with fillings of cucumber and cream cheese, ham cheese and pickles, and our customer favourite - classic chicken and mayonnaise.

  • Petite tarts, cupcakes and slices - mix up the flavours so that you have a little bit of everything (citrus, berry, chocolate and caramel are crowd pleasers)

  • And depending on how brave you are feeling, you could add sausage rolls or quiches, but they add a level of complexity and are tricky to keep warm.

Serve a few different varties of tea, to cater to everyone tastes. It's safe to have a green, a black and a fruity. We use Tielka Tea, they are full of flavour and a delight to all your senses.

Three: the fun part

Creating your high tea in a garden or park adds a whimsical vibe to your event and creates joyful atmosphere for your guests.

In terms of entertainment - Croquet adds little an Alice in wonderland vibe to your high tea. And don't forget to create a playlist that is soothing, girly and quirky.