How to plan a perfect picnic

Here are ten steps from the pros to help you prepare for a fun-filled day in the park.

1. Purchase your picnic-wares

Choose a blanket that is soft to touch, a basket that is big enough to carry everything, plates and glasses that are durable and games that will entertain. Check out our range to Posh up your picnic.

2. Plan

Set a time and meeting point with your group, while trying to avoid the hottest part of the day. Plan your picnic menu to include food that is easy to eat with one hand and won't spoil - grazing platters, sandwiches, slices and fruit are all great options.

3. Prep

Pop ice bricks and ice cube trays in the freezer the night before. Prepare your food the morning of the picnic to avoid soggy sandwiches and stale platters and use leak-proof containers to avoid packing disasters.

4. Pack perfectly.

Use large baskets and bags to carry all your picnic-wares. Be sure to pop in napkins, plates, cutlery, glasses (with padding so they don't break), garbage bags, sunblock, plenty of water, hand santiser, bug spray, band aids and pain relief (in case of emergency).

5. Pop in pillows and entertainment

You're too posh to sit on the ground, so bring a pillow or two for extra comfort - pop it behind your back when sitting and lounge back on it to enjoy a post lunch siesta. Pack a wireless speaker and lawn games for a little entertainment to make the most of your day out.

6. Pick the right spot

To save you hauling your picnic around the park, do a quick little scout when you first arrive for a scenic, grassy, secluded and shady space. Then you can carry your items directly to your chosen spot.

7. Prevent soggy bottoms

If you picnic blanket is not lined with a waterproof material, take plastic sheeting to lay underneath to prevent the moisture from the ground dampening your blanket, rug or towel. Plastic drop sheets from hardware stores or table liners from supermarkets work well.

8. Protect your food

Pop your food on something so it is slightly elevated from the ground, this will help protect it from creepy crawlies and any grass, dirt or sand flying around.

9. Prevent spills

The uneven ground and carefree nature of picnics are the perfect storm for broken glasses and wine spills. Prevent the shrieks of disaster with our Petite Planks to save the wine for your mouth and your glasses un-smashed.

10. Pack up

Pack a garbage bags so that you leave your picnic area as pristine as you found it.