Your guide on how to choose the perfect picnic basket for you!

I love a picnic, but not a fan of traditional picnic baskets - why are they all so little and impractical? That's why I went on a wild adventure by researching, sourcing and trialing different baskets to stock a selection that I LOVE!

I'll start with my favourite! The coolest one in our collection. Perfect for: those who want a DIY platter in the park, with a cold crisp wine or refreshing beer.

Shaped like a bucket, pop your bevs, meats and cheeses in the centre to keep them cool on the way to the park, then once you have found your spot, whip the lid off and use it as a cheese board to create a delicious platter. So stylish, yet so practical! This is a summer must have.

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Next we have our most practical basket!

Perfect for: mums who need to carry it all but have their hands free.

Flip the lid, pop everything you need inside, then fling it over your shoulder to have your hands free. You may also like the Sunnylife Cooler Bucket Bag to keep the well deserved wine cool.

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Time for the complete package!

Perfect for: those who have impromptu picnics

This round wicker picnic basket has it all - plates, cutlery and glasses. Pop a picnic blanket in the middle and pick up your picnic lunch at a local cafe on the way to the park.

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And lastly, the one with a million uses!

Perfect for: practical people and minimalists

These baskets are big, bold, super strong and designed to last. They have a million uses - great for not only picnics, but BBQ's, beach days and weekend getaways. Each basket is individually handwoven, from colourful pallet strapping, utilising reused and recycled components.

They come in red, pink, yellow and blue.