This gold-coloured bottle opener gives your kitchen an oceanic vintage feel paired with a rustic country vibe. Made with brass, it provides sturdiness and longevity to everyday kitchenware. Its long handle provides for easy use and agility. This intricately carved homeware makes it a perfect fit for your beautiful home. It is great to pop open a cold bottle of coke or beer on a long hot day. It's a perfect little piece to place anywhere in your kitchen, be it drawers or decor cabinets. When you host a get-together or a party, this lobster shaped bottle opener shines the spotlight on your kitchenware and impresses guests. This brass bottle opener adds a touch of serene and calm of the ocean to your home. It also proves to be a thoughtful gift for friends and relatives who are ardent lovers of the seaside.

Lobster Bottle Opener

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